This App Makes Phone, Tablet Screen Replacement VFX Easier

Film and VFX studio RocketJump, widely known for its YouTube shorts and the VGHS (Video Game High School) web series, just released an app for iOS and Android devices that aims to make mobile screen visual effects much easier for the aspiring filmmaker.

Called Chromascreen, the app displays a monochromatic screen along with resizable markers to make overlaying said screen with custom graphics much easier in post production. Though the app’s promo video itself pokes fun at its limited utility, the same should, in theory, offer a sufficient boost to productivity when such an effect is required, especially for the independent VFX artist or filmmaker. It might not shave hours off editing time, but it definitely seems like a handy tool to have in your VFX arsenal.

The free version offers the option to switch between a greenscreen and bluescreen backgrounds as well as adjust the overall brightness for chroma keying, while the virtual markers displayed in all four corners can be freely resized for easier tracking. There is a pro version with custom colors and additional marker choices, but as Freddie Wong, the man behind RocketJump himself says in the aforementioned video ad, the free version should suffice for most use case scenarios.

For the discerning VFX supervisor or filmmaker comes RocketJump’s Chromascreen – a simple filmmaking tool for phone or tablet screen replaces in post production. With Chromascreen, you can generate a greenscreen or bluescreen background with easily keyable tracking markers and let the poindexters in post deal with it! No more furiously resizing Google Image searches for “green background” while your actors roll their eyes at you!

You can watch the full ad below to get a taste of how the app works, and a bucket full of trademark RocketJump slapstick humor to boot.

Download Chromascreen for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch

Download Chromascreen for Android

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