QuickCenter Brings 3D Touch Quick Actions To The iOS Control Center

Whenever a major iteration of iOS is jailbroken, developers immediately take to creating system tweaks centered around the newest additions to Apple’s mobile OS. With iOS 9, it was 3D Touch that received the most attention. Since the feature was tethered to the hardware of the iPhone 6s family, the first thing developers did was find different ways to emulate the feature on older iOS devices, then proceeded to improve upon the feature and its applications.

One of the few teams at the forefront of said endeavor are back with yet another 3D Touch-themed tweak. QuickCenter by Creatix brings the power of 3D Touch Quick Actions to the system toggles and shortcuts in the Control Center, allowing you to access essential options related to each item from anywhere in the OS, without ever having to pop into the Settings app.


The maiden public build of the tweak offers Quick Actions for WiFi, Bluetooth and Do Not Disturb toggles along the top as well as the Flashlight, Timer and Camera shortcuts along the bottom of the Control Center. Users can hard-press or, if they so choose, hold down on said shortcuts for quick access to the following respective actions, all from the comfort of the Control Center.

  • Switching between WiFi networks
  • Connecting to Bluetooth devices
  • Toggling Always or Only on Lockscreen modes for Do Not Disturb


  • Toggling the flashlight in either regular or strobe mode
  • Turning alarms on or off
  • Snapping a photo by tapping anywhere within a resizable viewfinder that pops out of the Camera shortcut, identical to the one Point-and-Shoot adds to the Camera icon on the Home screen


The activation method can be changed from the Configuration section of the preferences menu QuickCenter adds to the Settings app. With a 3D Touch-capable device, you’ll be able to hard-press shortcuts to invoke their menus, while those on older devices can use the tweak’s Fake Force Touch option to emulate the hard-press gesture or opt for the simpler long-press method, sensitivities for both of which can be tweaked. The preferences menu also allows you to disable access to its shortcuts on the Lock screen or within apps, and to set the maximum number of items allowed to appear in a menu, with the limit being 20. You can use this to control the length of the WiFi, Bluetooth and Alarms menus.


QuickCenter can function alongside other Control Center-modifying tweaks, so you may not need to worry about having to ditch a favorite. The developers have verified compatibility with a total of seven Control Center customization tweaks, including PolusSengFlipControlCenter, CCSettings and Auxo Legacy Edition. There’s even a nifty bonus for Polus users in the ability to invoke Quick Actions for any app shortcuts that might have been added to the Control Center using Polus.

The tweak has been submitted to the BigBoss repo and should be available to download any time now. It won’t be free, though at just a dollar, it is definitely a bargain, especially if the developers plan to add more actions and shortcuts in future updates.


We spent a good amount of time playing around with a preview version of the tweak and believe it has the potential to make it find a place on the list of jailbreak essentials. In fact, we wouldn’t be surprised if Apple decided to model future versions of the Control Center after its design. So if you’ve got a dollar to spare on jailbreak tweaks this week, we suggest saving it for QuickCenter.

Update: The tweak is now available on the BigBoss repo for $1.

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