Promising Indie Games Coming in August, 2021

August brings with it plenty of indie video game titles, ranging across genres, art styles and stories. In what is the beginning of the busy video game season, August will see the launches of several indie games, but we are here to cut the clutter and list the most exciting releases ahead.

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Best upcoming Indie Games August 2021

There’s definitely something for everyone. From farming simulators to angry Vikings taking on gods; from long road trips to 12-minute long thrillers; from Slavic folklore to classic roleplaying games. Whether you are looking to add to your library or find the next indie darling, here’s a list of the most promising indie games coming in August.

Black Book (August 10: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, PC)

Black Book

Black Book — a mix of narrative-driven RPG and card battle mechanics — lets you play as Vasilisa, a young sorceress in rural Russia. Expect to lose yourself in a world where human beings and mythological creatures coexist in harmony. The story is based on Bailichkas — Russian folklore involving allegedly true meetings with spirits. And there’s an in-game encyclopaedia for you to read up on them.

The developers Morteshka consulted scientific experts and historians to add authenticity. The buildings and the maps are based on historical records. The combat itself will remind gamers of card-based games like Steamworld Quest and Slay the Spire, but the art featuring low-poly models and moody background textures looks refreshing.

Road 96 (August 16: Switch, PC)

Road 96

This procedurally-generated hitchhiking game is as unique as it sounds. Set during a mid-90s summer, Road 96 will allow you to go on a refreshing adventure across the fictional country of Petria. There will be multiple runs 30-50 minutes in length and different characters to choose from. When selecting the character, you can also check the completion percentage to know which stories have a little more left to discover.

The developers Digixart explains that you’ll be able to: “Meet memorable characters, discover secrets, learn skills, to help you cross the border to freedom. Your choices change your adventure, people, and the world.” The team’s previous title Valiant Hearts was a fascinating adventure with a touching narrative, and Road 96 may prove to be the same.

Monster Harvest (August 19: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, PC)

Monster Harvest

Perhaps you’ve taken the hint from the name itself – Monster Harvest is what you get when you combine Pokemon with Harvest Moon. It’s a farming sim with elements of a creature collector. And though the name is a nod to the Harvest Moon series, Monster Harvest is actually closer to the smash-hit Stardew Valley.

Not only is it about a game where you inherit a farm and improve it considerably, growing and planning according to the seasons, you also save the town from an evil corporation and forge relationships with the townspeople.

Graphically, too, the gamers will recognize the cute 16-bit art style. However, unlike other agricultural games, Monster Harvest allows you to grow companions (or “planimals”), which can be pampered and trained for the turn-based battles. You can also customize your crops and produce by mutating them.

Twelve Minutes (August 19: Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PC)

Twelve Minutes

The sales pitch for Twelve Minutes should simply be its A-list voice star cast. This interactive thriller about a man trapped in a time loop features James McAvoy, Daisy Ridley, and Willem Dafoe. It’s a top-down, point-and-click adventure with a Hollywood twist.

The players will repeat the same period of 12 minutes in an attempt to uncover a mystery. You control the husband (voiced by McAvoy), who comes home to a romantic evening with his wife (Ridley) before a man claiming to be a police officer (Dafoe) first accuses the wife and later beats you to death. The 12 minutes then rewind back as you prepare for the inevitable, a la Outer Wilds.

While the package is shiny, the core of Twelve Minutes features solid old-school gameplay and trial-and-error. The more you play, the more you’ll figure it out.

Song of Iron (August 31: Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PC)

Song of Iron

This Nordic side-scrolling brawler allows the players to bash through men, monsters, and otherworldly creatures. The work of solo-dev studio Resting Relics, Song of Iron is a polished title comparable to AAA productions.

You play as a brooding Viking who is in search of the lost gods to save his people and fulfil his vow. The mythical world is realized with breathtaking visuals. The animations are lifelike, brutal, and heavy. The fluid fighting is further aided by the vast skillset, featuring fantastical fiery, lightning axes and arrows to martial arts moves such as combat rolls and dropkicks.

Book Of Travels (August 30: PC)

Book of Travels

The developers at Might and Delight have described their latest game as a TMORPG — a tiny multiplayer online role-playing game. And it is shaping up to fit that billing. Unlike other MMORPGs, Book of Travels is not focused on raids, quests, dungeon crawls and landmark monsters but meaningful interactions and roleplay.

There is combat, but when it happens, it’s meaningful and decisive. There are skills and abilities, routes and paths to discover and travel. You don’t automatically learn skills but can be taught by NPCs.

There is no set story with a beginning and an end. You make your own goals in a rich setting and communicate with other players to form fleeting relationships. The game is unique, and the scenic, painting-like art style helps in its own way.

While AAA releases remain the summer blockbusters, indie video games have set a trend of bringing fresh gameplay and unique stories. Creativity and imagination set them apart. And like we said, there’s something for everyone. These are six of the most exciting video games to hit the shelves in August.

We hope our list helps you find your next favorite indie title. Let us know which are the ones you are most excited to play down in the comments below.

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