Promising Indie Games Coming in 2022

Last year, indie video games continued to drive the industry forward with innovation and experimentation, and 2022 is shaping up to be more of the same. This year will see the release of quality titles with unique stories, designs, and mechanics. But which ones to keep track of, and which ones to pick up?

That’s where we come in, with our handy list of promising indie games coming in 2022. Our list features games for every taste – cooking something delicious, running a hotel, running a university, or simply, being a cat. Here are the lovely indie games expected to release this year.

Promising Indie Games of 2022

Bear and Breakfast (PC, Switch)

It’s like running a B&B, only you’re a bear!

In this laid-back management game, you control Hank the bear and his comfy bed and breakfast in the woods. Attracting guests into the hotel and keeping them happy will net you tips and reputation.

As your reputation grows along with the customer base, you get to customise the inn and add guest rooms, bathrooms, parlours, kitchens, latrines etc. You can also customise the furniture and fixtures in each room.

The management gameplay will be aided by a lore-filled campaign and memorable characters. According to the description on Steam, “As your business expands so do the mysteries of the forest, and Hank soon finds himself uncovering a plot deeper than the wilderness itself.” If that claim is anything to go by, expect to make friends and fend off foes.

Slime Rancher 2 (PC, Xbox Series X | S)

The first Slime Rancher was a surprise hit, sending over 10 million players on a chase after gelatinous beings. You explored the vibrant world, using your VacPack to suck up different types of slime, and breeding and raising them on your farm. It was an easy-going experience, but the gameplay was surprisingly deep.

Slime Rancher 2 expands on the formula with a new locale and major improvements. The protagonist Beatrix LeBeau will journey across the Slime Sea to the mysterious Rainbow Island. There, you can help set up a beautiful glass conservatory.

A new setting means new breeds of slime, like the bouncy cotton and the aquatic angler. You can also collect new resources and craft new items. The upgrading system has also been overhauled, and you can expect some surprises from your VacPack and other gadgets.

Two Point Campus (PC, Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Series X | S)

After letting you put together and run a wacky hospital in Two Point Hospital, the developers are putting you in charge of a full-blown university. In this building-simulation sandbox, you will create and manage an institution where students can learn to joust and cook giant pizzas, amongst other zany courses.

Although it is a follow-up, Two Point Campus isn’t simply rehashing the formula. While Two Point Hospital was all about treating patients quickly and getting new ones, Campus will see you connect with batches of students over the four in-game years. With time, you can unlock different classes and, of course, build facilities and customise the environment.

Most importantly, you have to ensure that the students balance fun with responsibilities, essentially “parenting” them. “It’s not just about their day-life, it’s about their nightlife as well,” studio director Gary Carr told Eurogamer. “Clearly if you let them have too much fun, they’re not going to turn up for the day-life.”

Venba (PC)

This narrative cooking indie is set to be a sensory delight. You play as an Indian mom who has lost her cookbook during her immigration to Canada. What follows is a quest to restore the recipes, set to some classic songs from 80s Indian musicals.

Each day, you attempt to recreate and complete a recipe from the mouthwatering South Indian cuisine. That brings the puzzle aspect to the game, with the player testing various culinary techniques passed down by previous generations. You will also forward the narrative through branching conversations.

It’s a cooking game, seasoned with love and identity.

Stray (PC, PS4, PS5)

This is cyberpunk done right. In this third-person adventure game, you control a stray cat, lost in a neon-lit futuristic city. Controlling the feline is not just about novelty. You can do whatever a cat does: be stealthy and nimble, knock over things, claw up the furniture and lick your butt! You will not just be facing mysterious threats, but also solve puzzles and navigate obstacles.

The world design is striking and stylized, as are the robotic inhabitants. Stray will also hook you up with a cute companion: a flying drone known as B12 who will help you find your way back to your family. Our furry protagonist can also take a break from its mission and sidequests to ask for cuddles.

Dordogne (PC, Switch)

Easily the most gorgeous upcoming indie game, Dordogne looks like a playable watercolour painting, and that’s because it is. The unique characters and beautiful environment were hand-painted before being scanned. It’s easy to keep gushing about the art style, but Dordogne has other strengths too.

According to its Steam page, the narrative adventure game has you control Mimi, “a 32-year-old woman visiting the house of her recently deceased grandmother.” The house in Dordogne, Southwest France, was part of Mimi’s childhood. Her grandmother has left a bunch of letters and puzzles for her to figure out.

Set in two timelines, you will play as the 10-year-old Mimi whose actions will affect the present. With a sentimental story and picture book graphics, Dordogne is shaping up to be a special experience.

We hope our list has helped you zero in on a title to look forward to. Let us know which are the ones you are most excited to play, and game on!

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Sarah Paul

Sarah is a Junior Content Outreach Writer at OffGamers and a contributor here at Geek Cosmos.