New Battlefield 5 Firestorm Battle Royale Details: Biggest Map In Franchise, 17 Vehicles, Destructible Environments, More

EA released a three-minute gameplay trailer for Battlefield 5 Firestorm a few hours ago, revealing several more details about the upcoming battle royale game mode. This comes a little more than a week after the company released a teaser for same, which itself came a few days after a Firestorm tutorial video was leaked onto the web.

The new trailer reveals quite a few interesting new tidbits over what we learnt from the leak. Here’s a neat little list of everything shown in the trailer.

Update: Firestorm is out now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

  • Firestorm’s map will be the biggest one in the franchise yet. It is 10 times larger than Hamada, which has, till now, been the largest Battlefield map.
  • The gamemode will feature the same gunplay and destructible environments as the base game.
  • Firestorm’s rendition of the “blue zone,” which they’re calling the Ring of Fire, will destroy trees, buildings, and other destructible elements as it tightens over the map.
  • It will have 17 land, air, and sea vehicles at launch, including tanks, a “prototype helicopter,” the amphibious Schwimmwagen, and even a meme-worthy tractor.
  • Players will be able to shoot a sidearm after being downed or “knocked out.”
  • Strongboxes and safes containing the high-tier loot will be spread out across the map.
  • Players will be able to raid vehicle lockups housing the best land vehicles in the game. Working together will open the lockups faster. The trailer shows two members of a squad turning wheels on either side of a metal door as the remaining two rush in to fetch a tank.
  • Completing Resupply Point objectives will yield rare or epic loot.
  • Barrage balloons dropping from the sky will yield supply drops, artillery strikes, V-1 rockets, or tanks.

It’ll be interesting to see how objectives are approached in solo bouts – the aforementioned leaked tutorial video explicitly mentions solo, duo, and squad variants of the game mode, though the official trailers only seem to have shown duo and squad gameplay.

It seems Firestorm, much like PUBG, will favor steady, tactical play, with players encouraged to travel from objective to objective instead of just waiting to spot an enemy. This additional layer over the core objective of being the last player or team standing may not be for everyone, though. Of course, we won’t know for sure till the new game mode is finally released come March 25.

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