Jon Snow To Appear In Game Of Thrones Season 6

Spoiler alert: The following post contains spoilers for Game of Thrones season 5 and 6.

A new behind-the-scenes photo from Belfast shows Kit Harrington in his Jon Snow garb, taking a break from filming scenes for the sixth season of Game of Thrones. The actor has been spotted in Belfast multiple times throughout the past few weeks, but the photos that came with those Kit-sightings left quite a bit of room for doubt as to his character’s coveted return to HBO’s premiere TV series. This time around, though, he seems fully clothed for shooting. There’s no mistaking it – as the actor himself suggested in a recent interview with Belgian publication Humo, we’ll be seeing more of Jon Snow in the upcoming GoT season.


However, contrary to what fans would want to believe, this doesn’t necessarily mean the Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch will be returning from the dead. Harrington might as well be shooting flashback scenes or dream sequences, and the fate of his character is still very much open to speculation.

As fervent followers of the franchise would know, Jon Snow’s death in George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Fire and Ice book series isn’t as clear-cut as it seems in the fifth-season finale of the TV adaptation. That, along with several apparent hints from the show and the utter disbelief that Snow’s demise saw resonate through the GoT fanbase, has led to the creation of several theories regarding the fate of the character, some of which suggest he never died while others present ways he could be resurrected.


Of course, as is common knowledge by now, the books and the show do not see eye to eye on every account, with the latter’s storyline now running ahead of the former. There are characters in the book series that you won’t find in the TV series and vice versa. The boy Olly, for example, who stewards for Jon and lowers him to his his brutal execution, is exclusive to the show.

That said, Game of Thrones is anything but predictable, and it is too early to rule out any possibility. This is G.R.R. Martin’s work we are talking about, after all.

Source: Daily Mail

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