How To Uninstall Or Reinstall Stock Windows 10 Apps

Every operating system comes with its own assortment of stock apps. The native software bundles of old were limited to the most essential tools, but nowadays, “essential” has grown to include a slew of options that, while useful to a select few users, feel like unnecessary clutter to most. Microsoft’s Windows 10, for example, packs over twenty pre-installed Windows Store applications. These might not hog much of your computer’s storage, but they definitely clutter up your “All apps” list.


A few, such as 3D builder, Sports and Microsoft Solitaire Collection, can actually be removed the regular way – right-clicking the app and selecting Uninstall – while for the remaining, the option has been kept out of reach of the regular user. Like every other Universal or Windows Store app, said stock apps too are bundled into AppX packages that can be removed from the OS through the use of its very own PowerShell framework, but unless you’re a seasoned power user who actually enjoys dabbling in cmdlets all by yourself and doesn’t mind manually entering each and every app’s ID separately, you’re bound to yearn for a simpler solution.

That’s where 10AppsManager comes in. This free tool provides you with a complete list of built-in Windows Store apps, allowing you to individually uninstall each in a couple of clicks.

Uninstall stock pre installed built in Windows 10 apps 10AppsManager

It also includes a Reinstall option, but that is essentially a guide to resintalling all native apps through a PowerShell command. It’s a simple enough guide to follow, though. All you have to do is copy the provided command, open PowerShell as administrator, paste the command in and hit enter.

Reinstall native Windows 10 Store apps

Do remember to create a manual restore point before you use the tool, as reinstallation does not play well with all apps. To create a restore point, open Start, type “restore”, select Create a restore point and hit the Create button in the window that follows.

System Properties Create a restore point Windows 10

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You can download 10AppsManager for free from the link provided below.

Download 10AppsManager

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