How To Save SHSH2 Blobs For Your iOS Device Using TSS Saver

Every major software platform develops a community of power-users over time, and with a rich community comes a variety of ways to truly unlock the full potential of said platform, even if it means unshackling it from the chains put in place by its developers. With iOS, that task falls to the jailbreak community, and while jailbreak developers have always found a kink in the armor of Apple’s mobile OS, the Cupertino giant has learnt to shut any exploits down as quickly as they are put to use.

That is why developers intending to release a jailbreak solution to the public tend to give hopefuls a heads up so they can prepare their devices against Apple’s countermeasures. One of the steps involved in preparing an iOS device for future jailbreak tools is securing SHSH2 blobs – or SHSH blobs as they were called not so long ago – for the firmware that has been promised a jailbreak. Whenever an exploit is employed for a jailbreak tool, Apple tends to follow up with a quick firmware update to eliminate the security risk, and shortly thereafter, stops signing any preceding firmware versions, making it impossible for users to downgrade to them for a jailbreak. A simple solution could be to stay on a firmware version for which a jailbreak is expected, but one can’t wait forever.

What Are SHSH, SHSH2 Blobs?

An SHSH blob is a bundle of data Apple uses to digitally sign a particular version of iOS, where the data is unique to each device. SHSH2 blobs are essentially the same data collective, but for iOS 10 or newer firmware versions. While there is a technical difference between the two, with SHSH2 carrying additional data, their purpose remains the same.

Saving SHSH blobs for an iOS device secures the aforementioned signing data for any firmware versions being signed by Apple at the time. This data can later be used to roll back the device to said versions even after the signing window has closed. This way users can freely update to newer firmware while keeping the option of a downgrade open if and when a jailbreak is released. You do not need to be on a particular version of iOS to save blobs for it. As long as the version is still being signed by Apple, you can secure its unique blobs.

In what follows, we are going to walk you through the process of saving SHSH2 blobs for your device. There’s more than one way this can be done. We’ll be discussing what we found to be the easiest of the lot.

Saving SHSH2 Blobs

1. Determine your iOS device’s ECID. If you don’t know how to do this, the following guide should help: How To Find Your iPhone Or iPad ECID.

2. Launch any web browser and point it to

3. On the TSS Saver website, copy and paste the aforementioned ECID in the “ECID” field with the number system set to Hex.

4. From under the “Identifier” section, select your device.

5. Verify the reCAPTCHA and hit Submit.

6. On the page that follows, click the link displayed to head on over to a download page.

7. Here, you can download all SHSH2 blobs as a ZIP file or choose to back them up to a cloud storage of choice.

That’s all there is to it. You no longer need to worry about losing your chance to jailbreak on older firmware.

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