How To Download Tracks From The SoundCloud App For iOS

The official SoundCloud app for iPhone and iPad scrapped audio caching as part of an update not so long ago. Although this change reduced the amount of space the iOS app takes up at any given time, it also translates to greater data usage and no offline access whatsoever, as whenever you play a track now, it streams afresh off the internet.

If you spend as much time within the SoundCloud iOS app as we do, and are looking for a way to cache or download audio from the service and onto your device, look no further. Although there have been a few third-party clients on the App Store that allowed you to do the same, they were pulled almost immediately. The only viable options we know of at the moment are those offered by the jailbreak community, and among those, not many offer a solution as neatly implemented as SaveCloud.


This Cydia tweak allows you to download tracks from within the official SoundCloud app. It adds a separate tab where all your downloads are stored, and cherry on the cake is that, from this very section, you can import individual downloads to the Music app to consolidate your song collection.


To download a track, simply play it, tap the More (“…”) button to the bottom-right of the screen that follows and select Download Track. If you hit Hide on this screen, you’ll see a notification badge on the new Downloads tab. Switch to said tab and you’ll be able to see the download’s progress. You’ll find the Import to Music option in the More (“…”) menu of each track that is added here. You can download multiple tracks at a time, and once you’re done importing each to your Music app, you can delete them individually from the aforementioned contextual menu or all at once, using the delete button in the top-right corner.


There is no batch-import option yet, which is unfortunate, since downloaded tracks can’t be queued up or added to playlists, and importing them to the Music app is the best way to listen to them. It has been no more than a couple of days since the tweak made its way to Cydia, so it’s entirely possible we’ll see the feature is in the pipeline.

SaveCloud can be downloaded for free from Cydia’s pre-loaded BigBoss repository.

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