How to Activate a Game or Software on Steam Using a Product Code

Purchasing games directly from Steam’s online storefront isn’t the only way to add games or software to your Steam library. The Steam client also lets you do so using product codes.

If you’re here, you may have received one of these codes from a third-party site, as part of a deal, or from a developer, maybe for the early-access version of a product. Here’s how you can redeem the code you have and add the game or software to your library.

1. Launch Steam and log in if haven’t already.

2. Click the Add a Game option in the bottom-left corner of the client.

3. From the menu that pops up, select Activate a Product on Steam.

4. In the window that follows, click Next, followed by I Agree, then enter your product code in the empty text field.

5. Click Next once more followed by Finish to add the product to your Steam library.

That’s all there is to it! Once the game or software has been added to your library, you can begin downloading it at once or later from within the Library tab. Simply right-click its name and select Install.

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Sameed Khan

I write, game, design at times, and revel in sarcasm. You can find me on Twitter.