Fallout 4 Cheat: How To Get Unlimited Bottle Caps

It has only been a couple of days since Fallout 4 hit the shelves and, as per expectations, reports of odd glitches have already begun popping up, one of which might be more of an unintended convenience than a nuisance, especially for those looking to merely cruise through the game. The bug is easy to exploit and, if executed correctly, leaves the player with a unit of ammo that can be sold infinitely many times to garner an unlimited stream of good old, post-apocalyptic currency.


Of course, players looking for a challenge won’t be interested in cheating their way through the game, but not everyone finds fun in a challenge, or in compulsive item hoarding and inventory management. If you’re looking to reduce the exploring part of the game primarily to shooting stuff and choosing the course of the story, then stick around for a short, step-by-step guide to exploiting the infinite caps glitch.

Note that this exploit works with the initial release of the game and, given the attention it has received, will most likely be patched in any future updates, so if you’re looking to make some easy Fallout money, do it before you update.

Here’s how it works:

1. Find a vendor with ammo in their stock.

2. Buy the entire stock of any one type of ammo (all 10mm rounds, for example). Don’t hit Accept yet.

3. Sell a single round of the same ammo back to the trader.

4. Now, sell the rest of the ammo as well.

5. You should now see a single unit of the same ammo in your inventory. You can sell this unit over and over until, of course, the vendor runs out of caps.


Source: IGN

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