Enable Dark Theme For Facebook, Twitter Apps On iPhone

With iOS 11, primarily as another way to reduce eyestrain, Apple introduced a system-wide dark theme. The Smart Invert feature that enables said theme intelligently inverts light backgrounds while leaving media content untouched. Although the inversion might not always work as desired, the great thing about it is that it works throughout the system, even within third-party apps, provided they have added support for it.

Among the first to do the same are the Facebook and Twitter apps, and aptly so, considering they are two of the most popular apps on the platform. If you have either or both of these apps installed on your iPhone or iPad, and find yourself browsing through them for extended amounts of time, especially before bed, then this addition of Smart Invert support might be the best thing for your eyes (apart from simply reducing the time you spend on the app, of course).

So, how exactly do you enable this new dark theme?

1. Open the Settings app.

2. Navigate to General > Accessibility > Display Accommodations > Invert Colors.

3. Turn on the Smart Invert option.

This will apply a dark theme all across the system, including your Facebook and Twitter apps.

You can, of course, always switch back to default colors at any time by turning Smart Invert off.

As mentioned earlier, enabling the feature won’t invert the photos and videos displayed within your Timeline or feed. Headers and splash screens for both apps are inverted. It’s not ideal, but we’re assuming control over these falls outside what developers are allowed to do with the feature. If so, we’re hoping Apple adds a little more freedom to Smart Invert with the next incremental iOS update, as inverting an app’s color palette takes away from its original branding, making it harder to identify in the app switcher stack.

If it’s not too much trouble, the option to enable Smart Invert on a per-app basis would be great, too.

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Sameed Khan

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