Download: Official Reddit Apps For Android & iPhone Released

The official mobile app for “the front page of the internet” is now available to download. Roughly a year and a half following its acquisition of popular iOS Reddit client Alien Blue, the social network and content browsing hub has put the old app to sleep, replacing it with an all-new iPhone and Android client of its own, and offering launch-week downloaders three months of free Reddit gold.

Reddit: The Official App is available for free on both the iOS App Store and the Google Play Store. As with other new additions, both the Android and iOS apps are georestricted, which means not all regions will have access to them from the get go. You can, of course, get around this restriction by creating a US-based Apple ID for your iPhone, and if you’re on Android, you can simply download the app’s installable APK file from the link provided at the bottom of this post.


The app follows a simple formula – it offers a collection of essential features wrapped into a well-designed interface. For browsing through subreddits, you have both a compact view that is more in line with the desktop website and a card-based view with inline images and post previews similar to Facebook and Google+ newsfeeds. The app comes packed with a single alternative theme for late-night Redditing (labeled Reddit night in the iOS variant and Night mode on Android), though the mention of “themes” in the app’s description suggests future updates might bring more.


Like most other Reddit clients out there as well as the website itself, you can browse subreddits of choice without having to log in or sign up, though if you do, you will be able to upvote/downvote and reply to posts, manage your profile and its inbox as well as stay up to date with your interactions across the Reddit network.


Users have been enjoying all of that and more on older clients, though, so what makes Reddit’s official offering worth consideration? That would be its design. The layout is neat, the animations fluid, and each variant of the app (mostly) fits right in with the design language of its platform. The Android version, for example, offers a navigation drawer that slides in from the left and a floating action button while its iPhone counterpart has tabs along the bottom and a Post to Reddit icon in the top-left corner.


If the reviews on either app store are anything to go buy, however, not everyone seems to agree, with users complaining about performance hiccups and bugs. The app is still new, so such complaints do not come as much of a surprise, though we didn’t come across any serious issues ourselves.

Have you had the chance to use the app yet? What did you think of it and how does it compare to your favorite Reddit client? Sound off in the comments section below!

Download Reddit: The Official App for iPhone

Download Reddit: The Official App for Android | Download APK (APKMirror)

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