Android Users Troll Apple’s ‘Move to iOS’ App With Bad Reviews

We never thought we’d live to see this day. Alongside yesterday’s iOS 9 public release, marking Apple’s debut on the Play Store, the ‘Move to iOS’ platform migration app for Android that the Cupertino giant talked about at its 2015 fall event finally docked into the Play Store. First Microsoft appears at the aforementioned media event, and now this. Apple has been full of uncharacteristic surprises this year.

While some would see the app’s release as a positive sign for the future of the relationship between Apple and Google ecosystems, others are content mocking and trolling Apple on the Play Store, and as things stand, the latter are taking the reviews section by storm.


Apple’s first Android app is a tool that can help Android users shift to their mobile platform while keeping most of their important data intact. Users can transfer contacts, photos and videos, messages, mail accounts and browser bookmarks from their Android phone or tablet to a new iPhone, iPad or iPod touch over WiFi. It even scans the App Store for all apps installed on your Android device and downloads the free ones while adding the rest to your Wish List. App data will, of course, not be transferred. The app really isn’t all that bad.

However, as is expected from an online feedback section subjected to a war between two proud communities, a majority of the Play Store comments are far from fair or even relevant, but they do make for a good reading, that is, if you have a sense of humor.


Apart from a few users who seem to have genuinely criticized the app and its “awful” design, others just seem to have been in the mood for some good old-fashioned trolling while a majority of reviews feel reminiscent of the comments one hears in heated Android vs iOS debates, featuring everything from calling out iOS fans to blasting the rigid nature of Apple’s platform. “I prefer being the one in control of my phone” says one review while another criticizes the company for not creating an app that allows migration from iOS to Android (“If you are telling the truth that ‘Everything about iOS is designed to be easy’, shouldn’t you be making an app to make it easier for me to move from iOS to Android?”).


Remember, the users posting foul reviews for the app don’t necessarily hate Apple’s guts. They might just be trying to have some fun. Of course, in doing so, they’ve managed to bring the app’s rating down to an embarrassing 1.9 (as of this writing).


Google has apps on the iOS App Store as well, but they are generally applauded, even preferred over Apple’s stock alternatives. Unlike Apple, Google uses a collection of apps to tempt people to make the switch to Android, none of which have platform migration listed as a core feature, of course. There is a separate page on the Android website dedicated to explaining to users how to switch to Android from other platforms. Unfortunately for iOS fans looking to exact revenge, the page does not have a feedback section.

You can check out the app’s Play Store page from the link below.

Move to iOS for Android

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