Amnesia: Rebirth Vitae Puzzle – How to Cure Tasi’s Baby

At the tail end of Amnesia: Rebirth’s penultimate act, the game offers up an optional puzzle completing which yields an achievement as well as an additional story tidbit.

After entering the Factory area in Chapter 3, you are greeted by the Empress (or Great Queen, Great Mother), who points you toward a chair-like contraption that she claims has the ability to heal Amari, Tasi’s unborn baby, of a degenerative disease that will eventually take the child’s life. You are tasked with acquiring “vitae,” the substance that sustains the immortality of the Empress, to power the machine. If you’re here, you’ve most likely having trouble figuring that part out. In what follows, we walk you through a solution, step by step, and explain what happens if you opt to solve or skip the puzzle.

Amnesia Rebirth vitae puzzle guide
“… she needs… vitae… this will aid…”

How to Solve the Vitae Puzzle in Amnesia: Rebirth

1. After you’ve used the pyramid in this area to power up the tramway, place it in the room containing the vitae extraction machine. This will power up the machine.

2. Pull the lever on the panel in the middle of the room and a man restrained to a cage-like metal frame appears beyond the chamber, metal arms, and glass pane and in front.

3. On the side of the room opposite the chair, you’ll see three diagrams illustrating a way to activate this contraption, each requiring a different combination of parts.

Amnesia Rebirth vitae puzzle diagrams / drawings

4. Pick any one of the three illustrated solutions, gather the required parts from the tables and shelves around the room, then drag and drop them into the appropriate slots:

  • The T-shaped keys go into the aforementioned panel.
  • The canisters go into the cylindrical slot to the left of the glass panel (ensure that you’re using the cylinder with the right symbol). One of the three solutions doesn’t require a canister.
  • The four needles attach to the ends of the four metal arms protruding from the sides of the chamber
  • The two pincers attach to the bottom two metal arms
  • The six-pronged clasp attaches to the metal arm at the top of the chamber

Once again, you only need to connect the parts shown in the diagram you picked.

5. With all the required parts connected, hit the button to the right of the chamber to prep the machine.

6. Pull the lever on the panel upwards and hold it there until all of the pips to the left of the lever have lit up. The machine will automatically power down and you’ll see a bright substance, most likely vitae, flowing from the contraption to the aforementioned chair through tubes connecting the two. The Empress will appear once more beside the chair, reiterating that the vitae will “aid” Tasi’s baby.

7. Walk up to the chair and interact with it. Tasi will sit in the chair and be injected with vitae.

What does Solving or Skipping the Puzzle Do?

As mentioned earlier, the puzzle is optional – the only one of its kind in the game, to our knowledge. Making your way to the next area without solving the puzzle will earn you the “Altruist” achievement. If you want the “Torturer” achievement, however, you will need to complete the puzzle.

Solving the puzzle also changes a few of the Great Queen’s lines in the final act of the game. The Empress confirms that the vitae injection Amari received wasn’t a permanent cure but a temporary solution, that the baby would have to stay with her and receive a constant supply of vitae to survive.

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