Interview: YouTube Gaming Streamer ONE_shot_GURL Talks Positivity, Favorite Games, More

The online gaming space as a whole is rightly notorious for its toxicity. It’s a little too easy to let loose while under cover of the anonymity afforded by virtual avatars. While professional game streamers tend to develop a higher tolerance for the venom that is gamer rage, if only for the sake of their audience, they too can lose their cool, and understandably so. Whether it is by nature, conscious effort, or a combination of both, some do seem to handle themselves slightly better than others, one example being YouTuber and YouTube Gaming live streamer ONE_shot_GURL.

ONE_shot_GURL, or Julie, as most of her almost 250K subscribers call her, seems to have little trouble maintaining a positive demeanor during her live streams. A contributing factor could be the extra effort the streamer seems to put into expressing love and respect for her viewers. The same is reflected in the way Julie engages with her audience, taking special care to look directly into the camera while responding to each comment.

We came across Julie’s channel nearly a month ago through one of her delightful Battlegrounds and Fortnite streams. Seeing how nice she seems, we figured she wouldn’t mind setting some time aside for a short interview and, of course, she didn’t. In what follows, we discuss with her the challenges of the streaming business, her other passions, favorite games, and more.

An Interview with ONE_shot_GURL

Who or what inspired you to get into streaming?

ONE_shot_GURL: I got into streaming because I wanted to get to know my viewers better. Streaming lets me interact with them in real time and is much more personal than just replying to a comment on video.

What has been the general reaction of friends/family to your love for games?

ONE_shot_GURL: My family has always encouraged my love of gaming. Ever since I can remember, we have played board games, card games, and video games together. So it was a passion I’ve always had that was cultivated by my family and I’m so grateful for that!

Is streaming as fun as it seems? Do you have any streaming pet peeves?

It never gets old! On days when I’m not streaming, I miss it.

ONE_shot_GURL: Yes! Streaming is SO much fun. It’s a lot of work, but it’s a blast and I love it. It never gets old! On days when I’m not streaming, I miss it. My biggest pet peeves are when people try to backseat game or boss me around. I am a very prideful person and I hate that! LOL! 🙂

Is there anything about the profession that you wish you knew when you were starting out?

ONE_shot_GURL: I didn’t realize just how hard it would be. I am a small business owner. My channel is my business and it can be really hard to create margin in my life. Since I love what I do, I often struggle with knowing when to stop “working” and take a break.

Streamer by night, _______ by day? What do you do when you aren’t streaming?

ONE_shot_GURL: Football Enthusiast! I love watching college football and the NFL. I don’t have time anymore, but back in the day, I used to be in 3 fantasy football leagues! I have a huge passion for football.

What do you think it takes to make it in the streaming business? Should every gamer try their hand at it?

If your heart isn’t in the right place, I think your viewers will see right through that and it’ll be a lot harder to succeed.

ONE_shot_GURL: It takes a lot of hard work. Lots of long hours behind the scenes off-camera that people will never see working on your channel. You have to have the drive and motivation. If your heart isn’t in the right place, I think your viewers will see right through that and it’ll be a lot harder to succeed. If you love what you do, it won’t feel like work a lot of the time. 🙂

How different is the real Julie, if at all, from her super-nice streaming persona?

ONE_shot_GURL: Oh my gosh, you give me too much credit. I’m humbled that’s what you think of me but I am such a flawed person! I’d like to think I am the same on camera as off camera, but definitely being in front of a camera helps keep me more accountable for my actions and reactions. Sometimes, because I’m way too competitive, I want to whine or complain or become crabby, but because I know 1,000 people are watching, it makes me want to be a better, more positive person! I am so far from perfect, but I think what you see is what you get for the most part. I try to always be kind and positive off camera, so I’m glad that comes through a bit on camera. The values I preach on my streams are the exact same values I strive to live by off stream. But I am far from perfect, and I know that shows on stream as well.

Do you agree that the streaming space is particularly toxic for female professionals? If so, how does one deal with said toxicity?

“Like water off a duck’s back,” as they say.

ONE_shot_GURL: Oh, absolutely. Whenever you put yourself out there online, there are always trolls and toxic people you have to deal with because you’ll never make everyone happy. But as a minority (female) in the gaming world, there are definitely things we have to put up with that others don’t. You just have to learn how to tune out the toxicity and this comes in time. “Like water off a duck’s back,” as they say.

Your favorite streamers?


  • 5tat
  • Game Attack
  • Corky Dancer
  • Grimmmz

Your top 5 all-time favorite video games?


In no particular order:

  • Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Vegas
  • Goldeneye (N64 baby!)
  • Super Smash Brothers
  • Rocket League
  • NCAA Football

What’s your favorite streaming platform and why?

ONE_shot_GURL: I stream on YouTube Gaming. I’ve been on the platform almost since it’s inception and I see its potential! I had a bit of a following on YouTube before I started streaming so it didn’t make sense to push my viewers elsewhere when I could just live stream straight from YouTube itself.

What’s your greatest fear? It doesn’t have to be rational.

ONE_shot_GURL: Not to get too grim, but dying a painful death! I am a huge baby and whenever I go, I want it to be quick and painless please. 🙂

You can catch ONE_shot_GURL live on YouTube Gaming Monday to Saturday at 6 PM EST. Apart from PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and Fortnite, Julie is also currently streaming Friday the 13th, Hello Neighbor, and Finding Bigfoot, among others. To be notified the next time she goes live, pay her channel a visit here, hit that Subscribe button, and then the bell icon that appears next to it.

Thank you, Julie, for getting back to us and taking time out for the interview. May the bards of the gaming world write songs about your sniping prowess!

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