How to Transfer Your Games Library to Steam

PC gamers feeling stretched thin between the many distribution platforms and launchers out there will be feeling vindicated once again yesterday as Bethesda has finally begun the process of shuttering its oft problematic Bethesda Launcher. Those with purchases tied to and its now-defunct launcher will have already received an email explaining how to continue accessing their library of games, but who reads those right?

With just a few days to go until the launcher is made unavailable, Bethesda is allowing customers to transfer their purchases over to Steam. The studio began its migration to Valve’s platform a little over two years ago, starting with 2018’s ill-received Fallout 76 making the jump, and now it’s ditching its short-lived home completely, even adding a few classic titles to its Steam repertoire. Here’s how you can migrate all of your Bethesda games to Steam.

1. Point your browser to Bethesda’s Transfer Library page. Alternatively, you may open up and log in, then click your profile name in the top-right corner and select Transfer Library from the resulting menu.

2. Click on the Link Steam Account button on the left and enter the username and password of the Steam account to which you want to transfer your Bethesda games.

3. Once the account linking process is complete, you’ll be returned to the Transfer Library page. Click the Start Steam Transfer button on the right followed by Yes, Transfer to This Account.

Transfer-Bethesda Launcher games to Steam

After a few seconds, the page will automatically update to show that your library has been migrated to Steam. Launch the Steam client on your PC or log in to the Steam website and you should be able to see the newly transferred games in your library.

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