How to Start New Game+ in Remnant: From the Ashes & What Happens When You Reroll?

If you’re done with your first playthrough of Remnant: From the Ashes and have had your fill of farming loot in public games, you may now be looking to take on greater challenges. Like the iconic Dark Souls series that inspired much of Gunfire Games’ survival shooter, the game allows you to start a fresh playthrough, or a “New Game+” cycle, with tougher enemies while retaining the experience and much of the items that you’ve amassed on your character.

In what follows, we discuss how to start New Game+, and what exactly changes when you do.

What Does New Game+ / Rerolling Change Exactly?

The first thing to note here is that you can start a fresh playthrough at any point after you’ve activated the World Stone in Ward 13. The game calls this a “re-roll.” In addition to restarting the story from the point after the activation of the Ward 13 World Stone, it procedurally rebuilds the game’s world with a random collection of areas and bosses.

This allows you to tackle challenges, unlock Traits, and find loot you may not have been able to access before. You retain the Traits and gear (with the exception of Key items) from the previous playthrough, though the strength of enemies i scaled based on the highest-level gear in your inventory.

How to Reroll Your Campaign

Here’s what you need to do to re-roll your campaign.

1. Travel to Ward 13.

2. Interact with the World Stone there.

3. Instead of Travel, select World Settings.

4. On the Select Game Mode screen, with Campaign selected, hit the button for the Reroll Campaign option (‘x’ on PC).

5. With your campaign of choice selected (as of writing, the game only has one), hit Next, select your difficulty (Normal, Hard, or Nightmare), and confirm.

Note that if you are looking to tackle a particular boss or find a particular item, you may want to try your luck with Adventure Mode instead, which generates a mini-campaign isolated to a single area of your choosing.

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