Apex Legends: Where Is Crypto In-Game?

It seems Apex Legends may soon get a new character. While we’re still waiting on an official announcement from developer Respawn, the studio has dropped a myriad of in-game hints for the new character, with the first being a glimpse of him in the Season 2 video intro. The rest came from data miners, who identified the upcoming legend as “Crypto” – a hacker whose abilities may be geared toward surveillance. The final nail in the coffin was a leaked photo that showed off the final look for the character.

As the Preseason Invitational tournament kicked off last week, monitors at select locations across Kings Canyon began displaying a “key decrypt” progress bar. Shortly after that, Crypto’s shenanigans became much less subtle, with Round 2 announcements malfunctioning, and in-game banners blacking out or reading what seem to be the contents of the hack. Following the conclusion of the Voidwalker event, the character can now be seen in-game.

How to Find Crypto

He’s at the new Labs location – that big portal to the East of Swamps – in the small room with the blocked door. You can knock the door down with a melee attack to get in.

Through the glass at the back of the room, you should be able to see him, clear as day, typing away at a panel with his back to you. You only have a few seconds to catch a glimpse of him after you kick down the door, though, as the drone hovering over his shoulder spots you and they both make a run for it.

With this sighting, it seems we are quite close to Crypto’s inclusion in the legends roster. We can’t wait to see what the hacker brings to the table.

Update: Respawn has announced a release date for Crypto. The new legend will be heading to the game with Season 3, on October 1. You can watch the Season 3 launch trailer and an animated short film exploring Crypto’s backstory right here.

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