How To Get macOS 10.15 Catalina Dynamic Wallpaper On Windows 10

Apple unveiled the latest flavor of macOS, dubbed Catalina, at this year’s WWDC, and as is always the case, the company also announced that it would be opening the update up to developers. The update, which brings Apple’s desktop OS to version 10.15, brings with it a bevy of new features in addition to an all-new Dynamic Wallpaper.

The Dynamic Wallpaper, like the one in macOS Mojave, automatically changes to reflect the time of day. Another thing it has in common with its predecessor is that it is absolutely gorgeous, offering an aerial view of California’s Santa Catalina Island. If you’re using Windows 10 and find yourself wishing for similar functionality on your PC, we’ve got you covered. The following guide will walk you through how to get this very wallpaper on your desktop and even have it automatically change to match the time of day.

1. Download the WinDynamicDesktop EXE file from the link below and run it.

Download WinDynamicDesktop [Microsoft Store]

2. You will now be asked to specify your location. Enter the name of your city (or simply check the Use Windows location Service option) and hit OK.

3. From the window that follows, select a theme of choice. The application offers both macOS Mojave and Catalina dynamic wallpapers here. Hit Apply, and the app will begin to download the theme you chose.

Note: You can click the app’s system tray icon and select Dark Mode if you’d rather only have it switch between the darker wallpapers in each collection.

4. The application will now continue running in the background, automatically changing the wallpaper to match the time of day, which it determines based on your location. Click its system tray icon and select Options > Start when Windows boots so you don’t have to launch the application every time you restart. You can use the same menu to have the application change Windows accents based on the current wallpaper, switch between themes, or change locations.

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