How To Automatically Center Taskbar App Icons On Windows 10

Windows 10 may not offer a ton of customization options right out the box, but there aren’t many things you can’t do with Microsoft’s latest desktop OS using third-party tools. Those who take the time out to scour the web for these are likely to come across a gem every now and then.

In my quest to customize my own Taskbar, I came across one such tool. It’s called FalconX, and its purpose is simple: to automatically center all app icons in the Taskbar. It’s a purely cosmetic tweak, of course, but one that is likely to appeal to users who prefer symmetry or fancy the look and feel of the macOS Dock.

It does make a bit more sense from a UX point of view as well – unless you prefer not to hide app labels, there’s likely to be a stretch of dead space at the center of your Windows 10 Taskbar.

The tool animates the icons as they make way for new ones, with users able to customize these animations. There are several different kinds of animations to choose from and you can tweak the speed of each as well. The animation plays the first time you center all the icons and every time a new icon is added to or removed from the Taskbar.

FalconX is a simple tool that has the ability to center your taskbar icons in realtime. It doesn’t matter if your icon is pinned or not. All the icons will be centered. You probably already now the manual way of centering your taskbar. But if you run a new program a new icon will be added to the taskbar. And then your taskbar is not centered anymore.

From the FalconX Microsoft Store page

The app runs in the background, displaying an icon in the System Tray, which you can right-click to customize animations or set the app to run on startup.

You can watch a video demo of FalconX below.

Download FalconX [Microsoft Store]

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