Download The Call Of Duty: Mobile Game Beta For Android Right Now [Updated]

If you’ve been enjoying PUBG Mobile or the mobile variant of the ever-popular Fortnite on your iPhone, iPad, or Android device, you’ll be delighted to know that another excellent shooter has made its way to the mobile space. It may not feature a battle royale mode, not yet at least, but it is from one of the biggest names in the FPS genre. Activision have teamed up with PUBG Mobile developer Tencent to bring the multiplayer mayhem of none other than their premier IP Call of Duty to smartphones and tablets.

Currently in beta, and released only to Android users in Australia, Call of Duty: Mobile features signature COD multiplayer game modes such as Free4All, Search & Destroy, Team Deathmatch, and Frontline, and a zombie mode to boot. It seems the game will be following the tried and true formula of its PC and console counterparts, with a store to unlock weapons, attachments, and perks and a reward system through which players can earn virtual currency for the store. There are no in-app purchases just yet, though that is likely to change when the game sees a worldwide release.

Update: Call of Duty: Mobile beta is now live in India while beta registrations are open for everyone. Android users can register for the beta on its official Play Store page. Those with iOS devices can sign up at

It’s unknown if an iOS version is in the works at this point. For now, the game is only officially available on the Australian Play Store, and that too in beta. Of course, for Android users, very few things that are meant to be out of reach remain so for long. The kind folks over at XDA-Developers have been able to get their hands on the APK and download data (OBB) of the game to share with the rest of us.

What this means is that you can now side-load the game to your Android device right now, without having to wait for the game to be officially released in your region. Remember, though, that the game is still in beta, and because it is yet to make its way to the rest of the world, online play may feel a little sluggish. If you’re willing to give the game a go despite that, here’s what you need to do.

How To Install & Play Call of Duty: Mobile Beta Right Now

Update: Procedure and download link updated after beta release in India.

  1. Go to the Call of Duty: Mobile Play Store page and register for the beta.
  2. Download both the APK and OBB (data) for the game to your Android device from here. You’ll require roughly 1.4GB of storage for both.
  3. Open the Files or Downloads app on your device and tap the APK (.apk) file to install it.
  4. Launch the game, then exit it at the loading screen.
  5. Using an archiving app such as WinZip (free on the Play Store), extract the OBB package to the following directory: /Android/obb/com.activision.callofduty.shooter.
  6. If you are in India, you should now be able to run the game and play it. If you aren’t, you will have to use a VPN app and connect to an Indian server.

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