Battlefield 5 Battle Royale Mode “Firestorm” Gameplay Video Leaked

In pleasant surprise a few hours ago, a tutorial video for Battlefield 5’s much anticipated battle royale mode was leaked onto the web. Extracted by data miners and still available to view on YouTube at the time of writing, the video details the ins and outs of the new “Firestorm” game mode.

As the video explains, Firestorm will be taking a more traditional approach to battle royale, shedding the base game’s class system, and sticking to the tried and tested solo, duo, and four-man squad modes. Players will parachute into a “vast open world,” pick up weapons, and fight over various objectives spread out across the map for superior loot, reinforcements, and “epic combat vehicles,” all while being forced to move by a shrinking playable zone.

As you may expect, vehicles are where Firestorm is likely to set itself apart from its competition, given the options on offer in the base game, though the only vehicles shown in the video are a tank, a motor boat, and a helicopter. The shrinking Another highlight is that downed (or knocked out) players can fire sidearms till they are revived by a teammate. Unlike in certain newer battle royale titles, however, death is permanent in Firestorm – players can’t be revived if they bleed out or are killed after being downed. Although not explicitly mentioned by the narrator, it seems buildings outside the playable zone will be destroyed.

At first blush, Firestorm seems like a more steady, tactical rendition of battle royale meant to take on PUBG and the Blackout mode in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 instead of competing with the likes of EA’s own class-based Apex Legends or the build-and-shoot experience offered by Fortnite. It is odd, though, that EA would have one of its own subsidiaries leach attention, however little, from its smash-hit battle royale game so soon after its release.

EA has yet to reveal an official release date for the new game mode, though the recent appearance of a
Firestorm-related Daily Order in Battlefield 5 suggests it may be soon.

Update: EA has released a couple official gameplay trailers for Firestorm since the leak, with the latest (as of this writing) embedded below.

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