5 Indie Games to Put on Your Holiday Wishlist

The festive season is upon us and there’s no better way for gamers to join in the celebrations than by picking up a great holiday-themed video game. Indie games to make your holidays better come in all shapes and sizes, and they all deliver distinct experiences.

From cooking up holiday cheer in a kitchen with too many chefs to sniffing out clues and murderers as a furry detective or rescuing Santa Claus as the master of insanity, our recommendations are sure to add joy to your festivities.

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Now, without further ado, here’s our list of indie games to put on your holiday wishlist.

Overcooked 2 (PS4, PS5 | Xbox One, Series X, Series S | PC, Mac)

The holiday season can be described as fun with family and friends, with a dash of chaos. No video game comes closer to that description than Overcooked 2. This funny, sometimes frustrating party game is perfect for fans of simulation and cooking games. Even better, it is perfect for the non-gamers in your household too.

The sequel to the 2016’s original, Overcooked 2 has your group of chefs cut, cook, and serve food to hasty customers. The kitchens are suitably whacky, with the quirkily designed levels requiring a bit of platforming. You will be serving up pasta and sushi in hot air balloons and moving trucks.

Unlike other co-op games where the narrative takes precedence, Overcooked 2 encourages communication and coordination. From doing the dishes to chopping up tomatoes, you will constantly be chatting with your co-chefs. It is also extremely accessible thanks to simple controls, which means the elders and young ‘uns will be on level ground.

To further the holiday spirit, Overcooked 2’s DLC includes Kevin’s Christmas Cracker and Winter Wonderland. These Christmas-themed expansions add tons of fun and some classic recipes include hot chocolate, pancakes, roast dinners, Christmas puddings, and mince pies. You can play as cute reindeer chefs or (slightly creepy) present-head chefs. Those out to get you are hungry cookies and candy canes.

It Takes Two (PS4, PS5 | Xbox One, Series X, Series S | PC)

If Overcooked 2 is the family Christmas movie, It Takes Two is an unabashed rom-com brimming with the holiday spirit, to be enjoyed with your significant other, partner or friend.

It looks, feels, and plays like a Pixar movie, but It Takes Two is a grown-up affair. A married couple, on the verge of divorce, is trapped in a pair of tiny dolls. What follows is a 12-hour long therapy session with real-world issues translated as platforming levels for the couple to navigate.

The story is warm and emotional, filled with memorable characters. The gameplay, however, takes the cake here. New sections involve different gameplay mechanics — from nifty platforming and puzzle-solving to third-person shooting.

A major chunk of the action unfolds in a snow globe, where you will travel through a giant winter village and have snowball fights. You will be zipping down an icy slope on your bobsleds, decked in the loveliest of sweaters, hats, and scarves. It’s all very Christmassy, just like the theme of the story itself.

As the players begin to communicate, trust and coordinate with each other, so will the lead couple, resulting in new-found love and perspective on life and relationships. Isn’t that what the holidays are all about?

Roman’s Christmas (PC | Mac)

Roman, the wolf detective, and our protagonist, just wants to spend his Christmas at a sleepy tavern. But duty calls after he is forced to investigate a murder at the tavern. Cases begin to mount as 13 travelers are held up at the place due to a snowstorm.

Don’t get fooled by the cute, anthropomorphic characters. Roman’s Christmas is a chilling murder mystery featuring five interconnected cases. As Roman, you will investigate these cases using a variety of methods. You will search the locations, consult tarot cards as well as literally sniff out the culprits. But your job doesn’t end there.

In an Ace Attorney-style mechanic, you will interrogate characters, find contradictions and corner the culprits with evidence. But be careful, every choice affects your fate and the conclusion of the story.

It’s full of death and violence but make no mistake… Roman’s Christmas is a chilling holiday game with a cold setting and soundtrack, and even colder secrets.

Cthulhu Saves Christmas (PC | Switch | PS5)

If playing as a wolf detective isn’t enough, how about controlling a cosmic God? Cthulhu Saves Christmas lets you play as the Lovecraftian entity in a pixel-art roleplaying game. The holiday-themed sequel to 2011’s Cthulhu Saves the World is incredibly witty and self-aware.

The dialogue is punny and the famous characters are self-conscious. Cthulhu, our sarcastic and hilarious protagonist, has lost his powers and could only regain them after defeating the League of Christmas Evil… and rescuing Santa.

An RPG is only as good as its characters and battle system, and Cthulhu aces both fronts. Supporting Cthulhu are Crystal Claus, Baba Yaga and Belsnickel, while his enemies include Krampus and Mari Lwyd.

The turn-based combat is surprisingly deep with plenty of options. You can explore freely after a set of encounters, leaving you to find treasure chests without frustrating battles. The Christmas-themed soundtrack, featuring a rocking cover of Carol of the Bells, is extremely listenable on its own.

With references to both Lovecraftian literature and Christmas lore, this love letter to 8-bit Final Fantasy-like RPGs will make you nostalgic for those glorious Christmas mornings. And while it’s pretty linear and about five-hour-long, it is crisp, amusing and the perfect alternative for those holiday movie nights.

Tracks – The Train Set Game (PC | Xbox One | Switch)

This is the pick for those still lost in their childhood memories of unwrapping presents and finding a sparkly new train set. Tracks is a limitless toy set builder, which means you can spend hundreds of hours working on a railway line with junctions, multiple trains and more. You can customize your train with patterns and colors, and even build them out of gingerbread.

Your complex train systems are part of worlds that could be modern lounges or nighttime wonderlands. Or if you really want to take control, you can design your own world on a blank canvas, with cute wooden tracks, bridges, and ramps. To top it all off, you can take the driver’s seat and control your locomotive as you move through your designs.

There is no progression or achievements. Tracks is a peaceful tool for meditative creativity, allowing you to recreate memories of building train sets. So, how about creating your own Christmas village this December?

The holidays mean different things to different people. While some might use the opportunity to bring the whole family together, others aim to strengthen relationships. There are people who want to dive into nostalgia and memories of youth, and others who simply want some cold, wintery thrills.

We hope our list helped you find that perfect game for whatever it is that you’re wishing for. Game on and happy holidays!

Sarah Paul

Sarah is a Junior Content Outreach Writer at OffGamers and a contributor here at Geek Cosmos.