Take A Virtual Tour Of The Batcave From Batman v Superman

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice may not have had the best critical reception, with even the most devout DC fans lambasting director Zack Snyder’s take on the iconic superhero duo, but one has to admit, a major chunk of the movie has quite the cosmetic appeal, especially the sights Ben Affleck’s Batman brings to the table. The Batmobile and Batwing have entire sequences dedicated to them while fan-favorites from the Dark Knight’s iconic collection of Bat-themed gadgets also made brief appearances.


If you were too busy drooling over the epic showdown in the second half of the movie or lamenting the disjointed lead-up that was the first hour (as per this writer’s humble opinion), there is a way you can revisit the fictional quarters of Gotham’s resident crimefighter right now to take an even closer at the finer details you might have missed in the movie. As it happens, Google Maps is offering a panoramic peek inside billionaire Bruce Wayne’s residence.


“Welcome to my crib.”

The virtual tour was added to a location in Michigan a day before the movie’s worldwide theatrical release, and shows Batman’s new bachelor pad cum vigilante hideout in lieu of the Wayne Manor, which is seen destroyed and abandoned in unelaborated in events prior to the movie’s storyline.


This unofficially makes Michigan the real world’s Gotham.

The tour starts with a 360-degree view of the Bruce’s living room, then moves into the Batcave, offering close-ups of the Batmobile, Batwing, the new mech suit, and the original Robin’s desecrated digs.

Robin suit Batman v Superman

Or if a certain fan theory is to be believed, the new Joker’s old digs.

Go on. Head on over to Google Maps for a closer look at Batman’s fancy crib.

Take a tour of Batman’s House

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