The Best Doom Eternal x Animal Crossing Memes

Owing to the eccentricity of internet memes and a coincidence of release dates, Bethesda’s gory new demon slaying simulator Doom Eternal has found itself in the unlikeliest of pairings with the latest installment in Nintendo’s wholesome Animal Crossing series. Apart from their shared March 20 debut, the two games have about as much in common as hellfire and ice cream. Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a family-friendly social sim featuring talking animals the likes of the adorable Shih Tzu Isabelle, while Eternal follows the violent exploits of the iconic Doomguy – now called the Doom Slayer – a timeless symbol of badassery driven by a singular, insatiable desire to rip and tear through the hordes of Hell.

It is this contrast that makes the memes so amusing and with the premise being so simple, you needn’t have played both games to appreciate them. We went down this internet rabbit hole and came out the other end smiling. Here are some of the best memes we found along the way.

Best Doom Eternal x Animal Crossing Memes

Doomdad Origins

Posted to Twitter by user @MrAgentStrange back in July 2019, this illustration is what laid the grounds for the meme. It shows Doomguy teaching Animal Crossing’s kind assistant Isabelle how to shoot the Super Shotgun. The trend was later revitalized by a Reset Era thread, featuring a string of similar art.

Coach Slayer

As might have been expected, a YouTuber took the premise of the above illustration and created an animated short out of it.

Imp Barbecue

This animated short hints at an origin story for the unlikely duo’s friendship, showing them bonding over barbecued demon and puns. The overall composition and quality of animation makes this my personal favorite of the lot.

Fish and Dig Until it is Done

Isabelle and Doomguy share in each other’s activities, as best friends would. What makes this one extra special is the twist at the end that is likely to leave Super Smash Bros. fans quite pleased.

Rip and Tear Crossing

The Slayer and his assistant take on a horde of demons together, with the latter joining in the fun barehanded.

Switching Roles

The Doom Slayer and Isabelle switch worlds in this gorgeous pixel art animation.

Comicbook Teamup

Isabelle teams up with the Doom Slayer to protect the mayor.

Doom Slayer Isabelle

The Slayer may be Eternal, but that doesn’t mean he can’t take a day off once in a while and let someone else take over.

Father and Daughter

The results are back and Doomguy is truly the father.

One Copy of Doom Eternal, Please!

The crossover meme peaked a little over a month ago, when it spawned its very own offshoot that shows badass video game characters ordering Animal Crossing: New Horizons while their polar opposites shell out for Doom Eternal. The following has to be the most adorable illustration of the “one copy” meme on the web.

Which one of the above is your favorite? Did we miss any of note? Let us know in the comments below!

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