Resident Evil 7: What The Toy Axe Is For & Where To Use It

Compared to earlier iterations, Capcom’s latest addition to its Resident Evil series as of 2017, Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, isn’t exactly brimming with secrets. There are still quite a few to unearth, though, with the mysterious Toy Axe being one. While the item itself is quite easy to find – it’s practically lying out in the open – it’s usage is far from apparent.

In fact, if you weren’t particularly thorough exploring a certain area of the game, you might have completely missed the area where the item is to be used, which is probably why you’re here. The whole endeavor yields one of two Stabilizers in the game, where the other one costs five Antique Coins. The Stabilizer permanently increases reload speed, giving you a slight edge during tense battles, especially when weapons with smaller clip sizes are involved. If that piques your interest, stick around to find out how to snag this freebie.

In case you came across the Toy Axe and decided to leave it behind for lack of inventory space, simply head to the Kid’s Room past the snake door on the first floor of the Main House, then up the ladder to the attic. You’ll find the Toy Axe on a shelf in the corner. With the item in your inventory, the following is what you need to do.

1. Head out into the Yard.

2. Facing away from the trailer, walk to the right corner of the area.

3. You’ll see some shrubs here. Walk through them to enter a clearing with a shadow puzzle and locked chest.

4. Interact with the pedestal in the middle and select the Toy Axe from your inventory to start the puzzle.

5. Rotate the Toy Axe around till its shadow forms a “7” and hit OK. The chest should now be open.

6. Walk up to the chest to pick up the promised Stabilizer.

While the Stabilizer might not necessarily make the game a whole lot easier, you won’t really be losing much more than two to three minutes of play time. Unless you’re going for the 4-hour completion achievement, that’s a win in our books.

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