How to View All Your Stats in Hades

There is a lot to do in Hades – over a hundred hours worth of content to enjoy. It would become quite to keep track of things if it weren’t for the many different ways the game lets you do just that.

Here’s how to check stats such as total escape attempts, total kills, best clear time for each individual weapon, your build in every escape attempt ever, and even total number of fish caught.

Hades stats

How to View Build, Clear Time, Boon, Weapon Stats, and More

1. Interact with the door to the left of the game’s hub area (House of Hades), below where Achilles stands guard, to enter the Administrative Chamber.

If you don’t have access to this room yet, you simply have to continue playing. Past a certain point in the story (roughly after 7-10 escape attempts), you’ll be able to purchase access to the Administrative Chamber from the House Contractor.

Hades Administrative Chamber

2. Interact with the two shelves to the right of the room. The one closer to the door (the Security Log) shows you your build, clear time, and other statistics for each and every one of your escape attempts.

The other (the Permanent Record) shelf lets you view stats for each individual weapon, boon, keepsake, and more.

How to View Total Escape Attempts and Kills in Hades

1. In the House of Hades, interact with the House Contractor, switch to the Bedchambers tab and purchase the Scrying Pool.

2. Enter Zagreus’ room, walk to the center, and hit the Renovate button. This will install the Scrying Pool to the left of the bed.

3. Interact with the Scrying Pool to view your total escapes attempted and total foes slain.

How to View Total Fish Caught

1. Interact with the House Contractor and purchase the Aquarium for the Lounge.

2. Go to the lounge and interact with the newly added aquarium to view the total number of fish you’ve caught through all of your escape attempts.

How to View Farthest Chamber Reached

In the room where you find Skelly, follow the path to the left, past the Keepsake showcase. Wait a couple seconds at the end of said path and your Farthest Chamber Reached will be displayed in the bottom-right corner as the screen pans to the scenery in the distance, this being the maximum number of chambers explored in a single escape attempt.


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