How to Reroll / Change Daily Challenges In Apex Legends

Not all Daily Challenges are created equal in Apex Legends. Some are a walk in the park while others tend to be arduous, requiring several tries to get done.

If you’ve ever struggled with the latter, you’ll be pleased to know that there is now a way to switch out Daily Challenges that you find taxing or simply don’t want to attempt.

While on the Play screen, you should be able to see all your current Daily Challenges on the right. Hover over whatever challenge you want to switch out and click it once. The game will now ask you to confirm if you want to reroll the selected challenge for the displayed amount of Legend Tokens.

Your first reroll of the day will cost you 200 Legend Tokens. Subsequent rerolls during the same day will require progressively higher amounts, up to a maximum of 1000. The second roll costs 500, while the third, and any subsequent rerolls, will cost 1000 tokens.

Confirming your choice will switch the selected challenge out for a new one, randomly selected by the game.

Completed challenges can’t, of course, be rerolled. The feature doesn’t apply to Weekly Challenges either, at least not at the time of writing.

That’s all there is to it. You can finally put all those unused Legend Tokens to good use. Just be careful not to be too extravagant with your rerolls, or you may soon find yourself running short. A good rule of thumb is to give a challenge a try before deciding to reroll it.

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