How To Leave Messages In Dark Souls 3

One of the many pet peeves new players have been known to have with FormSoftware’s Dark Souls games is the deliberate lack of clear-cut info, which can make the series’ oppressive setting and brutal challenges all the more frustrating. For those with a keen eye, however, there are subtle hints on offer each step along the way. Some of these come in the form of messages from other players on the Dark Souls network–crowd-sourced ground graffiti that has carried over from the series’ spiritual successor Demon’s Souls all the way to Dark Souls III, created using a limited set of phrases provided by the games.

Of course, while this social mechanic can offer guidance, it is also known to have been used for both harmless humor and mischief that could lead players to their demise. Players can interact with these messages to give them a Good or Poor rating to help others gauge their authenticity, but this mechanism too can be used to deceive, or to applaud a well-placed prank. More often than not, though, paying heed to messages that warn of approaching danger does bear fruit.


What do players get out of leaving helpful messages for others, you ask? Apart from the gift of gratitude, every time a message gets an appraisal, the author’s Estus Flask recovers a charge or if their health is down, it will be fully restored. If you’re new to the series, the aforementioned incentive can prove to be quite a boost, especially for your first playthrough. Here’s how you can leave your own messages in Dark Souls III.

1. While in-game, have your character stand at the spot you want to leave your message and open the game’s menu.

2. Select the Message option.


3. From the Create Message screen that follows, select from the game’s selection of Templates and Words to create your message.



4. If what you want to say can’t be said in a single phrase, hit the button corresponding with the Change Note Format option up to three times for longer, two-line messages that can even have gestures attached to them.

You can add two separate phrases with two different templates, separating them with conjunctions such as “therefore” or “by the way.”


5. Select Finish followed by Ok to add your message to the location.

The whole process only takes a few seconds, unless you plan to get really creative with it, and might earn you Estus Flask refills in times of need. If you’re unhappy with a certain message of yours, you can interact with it at its location to delete it. The same can also be done from the Message section anywhere in the game.


You are now fully equipped to aid your fellow Unkindled. Praise the Sun!

How Many Messages Can I Have At A Time?

There is a limit to the number of messages you can have around the Dark Souls III world at any given time. The game gives you a quota of 10 messages. When you leave your 11th message, your first one is automatically deleted, the second message you left is deleted with the 12th one you add, and so on.

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