How to Create Naruto In Code Vein’s Character Creator

Bandai Namco’s Code Vein may have borrowed a majority of its core gameplay elements from the veneratedDark Souls series, but its art style and storyline seem like they’ve been lifted from the delightfully odd world of anime. The fleshed out character creator new players are greeted with is perhaps a better example of the game’s loyalty to anime tropes than any.

The first thing to do when you have such a magnificent tool at your disposal is to, of course, recreate beloved anime characters. While you may not be able to create an entirely accurate clone of your own personal favorite, part of the fun is trying to figure out if its possible. If, however, you’d rather not tire out your creative muscles unnecessarily, join us here as we try to recreate the iconic Uzumaki Naruto.

It goes without saying that the following covers one of several different ways you can go about creating a likeness of Naruto using the game’s character creator. Feel free to experiment with its many customization options.

How to Create Uzumaki Naruto in Code Vein

1. Once you’re on the Customize Character screen, jump right into the Hair section, select the hairstyle, then scroll down to the end and select the very last option.

3. Hit Back and set the hair color to a shade of yellow.

2. For the Face, you may want to select the center option in the third row from top.

3. Set the Eyes to a nice shade of blue or select a shade from the “Blood” collection if you’re going for the Nine-Tails look. You may also want to switch to one of the reptilian options for the pupils.

4. Move on to Scars and select the option shown below.

5. Hit Back and select Advanced Editing, then rotate the scars till they are horizontal. You may also have to move them around a tad.

6. Hit Back again and set the opacity of the scars to around 50%. You may also want to switch the color to a lighter shade of brown.

7. Open up the Accessories section. Add the eye mask and once again, using Advanced Editing, move it up to the avatar’s forehead. You may have to play around with the size to make it look just right. Switch the color of the mask to a shade from the “Metallic 2” selection.

8. Add a second accessory, choosing the monocle shown below then jump into Advanced Editing to move it to the front and center of the sleep mask as shown below. Rotate it a few ticks, and from a distance, it should look a tad like the symbol for Konoha village.

9. Last but not least, from the Clothing section, select the very last option. Hit Back, select Clothes Advanced Editing, and turn off all of the additional articles of clothing.

10. Go back again to edit colors, selecting a brighter shade from the “Autumn” group for the pants, and maybe a darker grey for the shirt.

And you’re done!

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