How to Craft Ziplines in Grounded

Walking is essentially obsolete in Grounded, after developer Obsidian recently released an update for the game that adds ziplines to the mix. Why run on the ground when you can zip through the sky, right?

Ziplines aren’t available right off the bat, however. There are quite a few hoops to jump through before you’re able to build your first zipline anchor. Even with said prerequisites in order, there are a few factors to consider before you start setting up ziplines all over the map. Do ziplines have a length limit? Is a steeper zipline faster to travel over? Can you carry Grass Planks or Weed Stems over a zipline? We answer all these questions and more in the guide below.

Grounded Ziplines

How to Get the Zipline Recipe

1. Assuming you’ve already completed the first main quest and have access to BURG.L over at the Oak Lab, you’ll need to give the quest vendor the “Jungle Temple” BURG.L Chip (or Hedge BURG.L Chip), which you’ll find over at the Hedge Lab.

2. To get to the Hedge Lab, ascend the hedge in the South-East corner of the map, follow the ziplines past The Flingman Flying Disc landmark and you should eventually come upon the network of metal tubes that make the lab. Inside the lab, look for a a tiny locked room with a lever on the wall. To get into the room, you must unlock the terminal outside. You’ll find the password for the terminal on four torn up pieces of paper, strewn across the lab.

3. Once you’ve collected all four pieces of the password, interact with the aforementioned terminal to open the locked room. The BURG.L Chip you’re looking for is on a table inside the room.

Hedge/ Jungle Temple BURG.L Chip location

4. Return to BURG.L, interact with him, and select the “I found a BURG.L Chip” option from the options that follow. This will add new items to his Raw Science shop, one of which is the Ziplines recipe.

The recipe costs 10,000 Raw Science, so prepare to grind some quests.

Grounded Ziplines recipe

How to Build Ziplines

Once you’ve bought the Ziplines recipe from BURG.L, you’ll find it under the Utilities section of the craft screen.

Zipline Anchor recipe Grounded

You’ll need one Silk Rope, four Clay, and six Weed Stems to craft one Zipline Anchor and you need at least two Zipline Anchors to build a zipline, plus additional Silk Rope for the zipline itself, proportional to the distance between the two Zipline Anchors. Silk Rope can be crafted by feeding Web Fiber to a Spinning Wheel.


  • Zipline Anchors (x2)
    • Silk Rope (x2)
    • Clay (x4)
    • Weed Stems (x12)
  • Zipline
    • Silk Rope (quantity dependent on distance between anchors)


1. Find an elevated spot where you want your zipline to start. If you can’t find one, build your own elevation. A cheap way to do this would be using Grass Walls and Grass Floors to build the structure and Grass Roof panels to ascend it. The further away your intended destination is, the higher should be your structure.

2. Build your first Zipline Anchor. Try to place it facing your intended destination, though this isn’t required.

3. Travel to where you want your zipline to end and build a second Zipline Anchor at a spot that has a direct line of sight to the first anchor. There should be no obstructions between the two anchors. Note that you can chop down grass and destroy the stumps to prevent it from growing back, if you find the need to clear a path for the zipline through a patch of grass.

4. Interact with either Zipline Anchor to craft the zipline itself. Using the controls displayed below, point toward the other anchor (‘Q’ and ‘E’ on PC) and make the connection (Left Click on PC). The game will tell you how much Silk Rope you’ll need to complete the zipline.

5. Interact with the zipline itself to craft it.

Miscellaneous Zipline Tidbits

  • Ziplines don’t seem to have a length limit, at least not at the time of writing. I myself have built one that is nearly 600cm long.
  • You can connect multiple ziplines to one Zipline Anchor. I’m not sure if there is a limit here. I’ve only yet connected two ziplines to a single anchor.
  • You can carry Grass Planks and Weed Stems over a zipline.
  • The steeper your zipline, the faster you will travel.
  • You can’t travel upwards over a zipline.
  • Bumping into an obstacle while on a zipline will cause you to let go of it.

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