How to Craft the Mint Mallet in Grounded

Even in early access (at the time of writing), Grounded has quite the repertoire of weapons to craft. Every weapon has its own strengths, but if it’s high damage you’re looking for, you can’t do better than the Mint Mallet, at least for now. This two-handed pancake maker can only be crafted with a unique crafting ingredient hidden within a secret area.

In this guide, we are going to walk you through how to find said ingredient and craft what is currently the strongest weapon in the game.

Grounded Mint Mallet

Updated (October 10): Edited the guide to reflect the changes following the addition of Silk Rope to the game. Note that the game is still in Early Access at the time of writing and is likely to go through further changes in the future.

Mint Chunks Location

The secret area in question isn’t very far from where the game first spawns you. Turn left at the giant baseball, walk past the first Field Station and you should shortly come across the Ice Caps Mint Container. The site is North-East of the aforementioned Field Station. If you walk to the front of the container and hit the latch on the lid a couple times, it’ll swing open.

Mint Mallet Recipe

Inside the super-sized plastic container, you’ll see the four mints that can broken down into Mint Chunks – the first of three ingredients required for the Mint Mallet.

The Mint Mallet requires 5 Mint Chunks, 3 Silk Rope, and 8 Flower Petals.

While Flower Petals can be picked up off the ground within minutes of spawning into a new world and the resources required to spin Silk Rope aren’t too time consuming either, you’ll need to jump through a few hoops to farm Mint Chunks. You need the Insect Hammer (level 2 hammer) to break the mints in the aforementioned container and that can take quite a while to craft if you’re just starting out.

The ingredients needed for the Insect Hammer aren’t hard to find, though you’ll need better equipment – preferably the Ant Club and Acorn Armor set – to farm all of them effectively.

The Insect Hammer (level 2 hammer) requires 4 Stinkbug Parts, 4 Berry Leather (crafted from 12 Berry Chunks), and 1 Boiling Gland (dropped by Bombardier Beetles).

How to Craft the Mint Mallet

Once you’ve crafted a Workbench and the Insect Hammer, here’s what you need to do.

1. Head to the Ice Caps Mint Container site. The site, as mentioned earlier, is North-East of the first Field Station you come across (the one near the Baseball) and North-West of the Mysterious Machine.

2. Walk to the container’s lid and hit the latch on the lid with any weapon to open it. You may have to hit the lid a couple times to open it all the way.

How to open the Ice Caps Mint Container

3. Equip the Insect Hammer, walk up to the hole in the lid and start smacking the mint blocking the way into the container. You may have to crouch and get closer to land your hits. Each hit on this mint will add two Mint Chunks to your inventory. After four hits (yielding eight Mint Chunks), the mint will disappear, allowing you to enter the container and farm the remaining mints.

Note: Each of the three remaining mints yields four Mint Chunks. Make sure there are at least two free slots in your inventory if you want to farm all four mints (for a total of 20 Mint Chunks), otherwise the excess chunks will simply fall to the ground.

6. Now all you need is a stack of eight Flower Petals and nine Silk Ropes. You’ll find several Flower Petals strewn about the the wide open area far East of Oak Lab.

7. You can farm Web Fiber, which you’ll need to spin Silk Rope, in the same area (far East of Oak Lab) either by striking the many spider webs in this area or by killing Orb Weavers. A more convenient option may be killing the Spiderlings below the head of the rake, far South of the Baseball. Just be careful not to cross the Wolf Spider in this area.

9. Once you have all the Web Fiber you need, you’ll need to feed it to a Spinning Wheel to spin it into Silk Rope. The Spinning Wheel, found in the Utilities section of the Craft menu, takes two Acorn Tops, four Clay, four Ant Parts, three Sap, and four Crude Rope to craft.

Each Silk Rope job takes a little over two minutes to complete in the current patch. You can queue up to four jobs at a time on one Spinning Wheel.

8. Once you have all the ingredients, return to your Workbench and interact with it. On the crafting screen, switch to the Workbench Tools tab, select the Mint Mallet from the list on the left and hit Craft.

Ensure that you have at least one empty slot in your inventory to hold the Mint Mallet, otherwise it will drop to the ground.

Mint Mallet vs Ant Club

The Mint Mallet and Ant Club may have identical attack Speed, but the former does approximately 40% more damage and stuns enemies 60% more frequently (as of the October 1, 2020 patch).

The stamina cost per swing seems to be identical. You can swing either weapon no more than three consecutive times with a full stamina bar, provided no stamina enhancing mutations or armor pieces have been equipped.

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