How To Complete Resident Evil 2 1-Shot Demo In 5 Minutes Or Less

1. As soon as the demo starts, run to your right and interact with the lever beside the shutter with the “Keep Out” sign, then interact with the slightly hoisted shutter itself to crawl through the opening.

2. A cutscene will play here. We recommend skipping it to save time.

3. Run through the corridor that follows till you come across a toppled cupboard. Interact with it to move it out of the way, then proceed to the end of the path, where you will hear someone calling for help from beyond another shutter. Interact with the shutter, and skip the cutscene that follows.

Note: Pay close attention to this path – you’re going to have to rush through it on your way back.

4. Turn toward the door of the room that you’re in, ready your gun and wait for the angry zombie to break through. Aim for its head – two to three quick shots should incapacitate it, giving you time to run through.

5. Run back the way you came, ignoring any zombies but the ones that block your path – you can easily ignore the zombie that comes crashing through the window, but you will have to fight the two that appear in the next part of the hallway. Remember to aim for the head.

6. Interact with the shutter at the end to crawl through the space below it once again. The game will now play two cutscenes back to back introducing Lieutenant Marvin. Once again, skipping these is recommended.

7. Place the knife you receive from Marvin in your inventory, then run to the taped up electrical box along the right side and interact with it to open the shutter beside it. The shutter takes a few seconds to open up all the way; you can use this time to pick up a little extra ammo from the front desk in the Main Hall. You’ll find an additional ammo box as well as a Green Herb in the Reception area right on the other side of the shutter.

8. Run past the shutter, through the door on the other side, and along the corridor that follows till you come upon double doors. You needn’t interact with anything along the way or stop for the zombie that breaks through the window.

9. Past the double doors, run to the far side of the room and interact with the wooden boards in the corner to climb them, then interact with the egress window to climb through it as well.

10. Run through the hallway, ignoring any zombies and doors till you reach the staircase at the end. We recommend picking up the Wooden Boards under the staircase and boarding up the window beside it. This will prevent the zombie at the window from breaking through it later.

11. Run up the staircase, ignoring the definitely-not-dead body on the first landing. Run toward the second flight of stairs, take out the zombie on the landing above, then proceed upward until you come across a hole in the wall.

12. Walk through the hole and pick up the key (Spade Key) on a desk on the other side.

13. Run back down, then back through the hallway to the door labeled West Office. The zombie you ignored earlier should be standing right in front of it. Take him out or run around him, then go through the West Office door.

14. Run around the line of desks and to the door on the far left of the office. Interact with it and choose the key (Spade Key) you picked up earlier.

15. This door will get you back to the Main Hall. Walking through it will trigger one final cutscene with Marvin.

Note that the aim of this guide is to get you to the finish line in as little time as possible. There’s quite a bit more to explore in the demo, including a couple medallion puzzles, many more zombies, and a weapons locker with a Shotgun. Of course, you can always return to missed areas after having gotten a lay of the land.

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