How To Beat Dota 2 Siltbreaker Act 1’s Final Boss (Rhyzik)

One of the perks of The International 2017 Battle Pass is a gruelling co-op campaign that is sure to test the patience of the most committed players through their first couple of tries. Like any other co-op experience, Siltbreaker Act 1 ramps up its difficulty with each passing area, though nothing can prepare one for seemingly impossible challenge waiting at the end the first time around.

We are, of course, talking about Rhyzik – the gigantic Sand King doppleganger who, amid sinister laughs, map-wide burrowstrikes, homing tornados, and a barrage of shockwaves, lays waste to any and all who would dare take up arms against him. If you’re here, it’s likely you too, like most others, are having trouble with the beast and have yet to find a viable strategy on the web, which is understandable, given that most of the guides and video walkthroughs out there seem to make use of a combination of rare artifacts that drop throughout the campaign, some of which (such as the Unhallowed Icon or Caustic Finale) can make your playthroughs much easier.

One failing to find a simple strategy free of artifacts laid out in a video guide, we decided to put together our own. If, like us, any and all of the campaign’s overpowered artifacts have eluded you thus far, know that the final boss can be downed without them and if you scroll to the end of this post, you’ll find video proof of the same.

The core strength of the strat employed in the video is Witch Doctor’s Maledict spell, a Veil of Discord, and three Level 5 Dagons to stack massive damage. For escape, every hero has a BKB in addition to the Glimmer Capes on the two supports and an activated Butterfly on the carry. A third Glimmer Cape replacing the Heart of Tarrasque on the tank might be a good idea as well. The hero lineup can be fiddled with, though in our experience, Witch Doctor, Abaddon, Drow Ranger, and Jakiro have proven to be consistently effective as a team.

If you do plan on trying a different lineup, start with swapping out Jakiro for Lina, as while the twin-headed dragon’s ultimate does dish out quite a bit of damage, the latter’s combined magical and physical damage will outshine the same towards the end. Abaddon and Drow Ranger, on the other hand, prove to be invaluable throughout the campaign for tanking damage and crowd control respectively and while there are alternatives, you will most likely have to tweak itemization to compensate for any differences in damage output and absorption.

The video shows the inventory of each hero right at the beginning for those wanting to follow the guide to the letter. In addition, there are tips mentioned alongside each step of the guide that you might not want to miss. We apologize in advance for the text being hard to read at certain points in the video. Good luck!

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