Hades: The Best Aspect for Each Weapon

There is no shortage of variety in Hades. Zagreus has a total of six weapons at his disposal, each with four forms or “aspects” that drastically change the way they play. With a grand total of 24 variations to invest Titan Blood into, it’s better to decide your go-to aspects for each of the Infernal Arms early on.

The following was written with the intent to help with just that. We mention our go-to pick for each weapon, followed by a second-best choice.

Hades - Best aspect for each weapon

Stygius (Stygian Blade)

The sword is perhaps the simplest of the Infernal Arms, and while it likely isn’t the most powerful across the board, it does have the potential to be quite the damage dealer with the right boons.

The Aspect of Poseidon, for example, deals high values of damage at quite the pace with a cast-focused build. It causes Bloodstones to be dislodged from enemies when they are hit by the Special, allowing you to use your cast with very little downtime. The aspect is especially potent in combination with the Exit Wounds boon from Artemis, which damages enemies (causing 100 – 160 damage) on Bloodstone dislodge.

Aspect of Poseidon

The Aspect of Nemesis has respectable damage potential as well, with it giving you up to 30% bonus critical chance on your Attack after you use your Special. With Artemis’ Deadly Strike boon in hand, you may be able to land a critical strike every other hit.

Varatha (Eternal Spear)

Aspect of Achilles

The Eternal Spear is a tricky one. None of its aspects are significantly easier to handle than the others, though the Aspect of Achilles is perhaps the most versatile. Its Raging Rush lets you instantly dash in and out of battle, dealing up to 150% bonus damage to enemies for a limited time post-rush. This is a good time to use your high damage casts or calls. You can also hit Attack after using your Special to retrieve the spear the regular way, landing some easy backstabs on enemies.

The Aspect of Hades is a good second choice with a similar approach. Its Punishing Sweep takes a while to charge and only gives you bonus damge (up to 150%) against enemies that it hits, but can potentially cover a much larger area, especially with the Massive Spin boon from Daedalus.

Aegis (Shield of Chaos)

Aspect of Beowulf

The shield’s Aspect of Beowulf, similar to the Heart-Seeking Bow’s Aspect of Hera, deals damage in large bursts. Its Dragon Rush deals up to 100% bonus damage in a larger area and can be preloaded with one or more Bloodstones to deal the damage of the rush and all loaded casts in one hit.

With a high-damage cast boon and the Infernal Soul talent in the Mirror of Night maxed out, few foes will be able to survive a fully loaded rush. Grab the Fully Loaded boon from Artemis or the Grasp boon from Chaos to up that Bloodstone count and the damage output per rush rises to ridiculous levels.

The Aspect of Zeus is a versatile alternative. Its Special (Blitz Disc) may have trouble keeping up with faster enemies but works well with a myriad of boons, especially any that have stacking properties.

Coronacht (Heart-Seeking Bow)

Aspect of Chiron

For the Heart-Seeking Bow, the aspect that consistently yields high DPS is the Aspect of Chiron, which has a Special that conveniently homes in on the last enemy hit by your Attack. Couple it with the Deadly Flourish boon from Artemis and it’ll make short work of any foe.

The Aspect of Hera, in contrast, may be a tad slower but has much higher burst damage potential. It allows you to load up one or more of your Bloodstones into your bow and deal the damage and effects of your cast to the enemy hit by your next Attack. With the Infernal Soul talent in the Mirror of Night maxed out and a high-damage boon powering your cast, you should be able to one-shot most unarmored and even some armored enemies. As with the shield’s Aspect of Beowulf, the Fully Loaded boon from Artemis and the Grasp boon from Chaos are priceless pickups here.

Malphon (Twin Fists of Malphon)

Aspect of Demeter

The Twin Fists thrive on aggression, and the one form that embodies that the best is the Aspect of Demeter. After you’ve accrued 12 attacks across any number of foes, your next Special hits up to five additional times. Combine it with the Flying Cutter boon from Daedalus (charges Special up to +100% damage) and, say, the Deadly Flourish boon from Artemis, and you’ll have bosses switching phases after a single uppercut. You may also want to pick up Hermes’ Swift Strike boon to rake up your attack count faster.

The Aspect of Talos is perhaps the best at dealing with single targets, especially weaker enemies that tend to kite you. Its Special pulls enemies in from a significant distance, allowing you to deal up to 50% bonus Attack and cast damage in the six seconds that follow. The Magnetic Cutter can be spammed at quite the pace, works quite well with the Quake Cutter boon offered by Daedalus, and has the added benefit of separating trickier foes from mobs.

Exagryph (Adamant Rail)

Aspect of Eris

The Aspect of Eris has a very simple, extremely effective attack cycle, especially for crowd control. You launch a Special at an enemy, dash toward said enemy, letting the Special hit both them and you, then finish the job with your Attack, cast, or another Special, buffed with up to 75% bonus damage. It is a bona fide crowd control champion. The Triple Bomb or Cluster Bomb Daedalus boons wreak havoc with this aspect.

The Aspect of Hestia is a good second choice for the gun, especially against individual targets. Manually reloading with this aspect equipped empowers your next Attack with up to 150 bonus damage. This works quite well with the Explosive Fire, Ricochet Fire, and Spread Fire boons from Daedalus.

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