Download This Dragon Ball Super: Broly Wallpaper To Get Hyped For The Movie

After the adrenaline-pumping affair that was the finale of Dragon Ball Super‘s “Tournament of Power,” fans were left wanting more, and the franchise delivered, with a teaser for a movie set after the events that concluded the series. The teaser showed beloved franchise protagonist Son Goku and his friends preparing to lock fists with a new enemy – one strong enough to give the Japanese equivalent of Superman a run for his money. A full trailer that followed shortly thereafter revealed that the enemy was, in fact, a rebooted version of the legendary Super Sayan Broly.

While some were disappointed at being served a rehash of an old foe, others welcomed the prospect of a Broly with what could possibly be a better backstory, if even marginally better than the mediocre effort that was the original storyline. What’s more, unlike his predecessor, this version of Broly is officially canon, which means his bout with Goku, Vegeta, and company will remain part of Dragon Ball history.

If you count yourself among the fans itching to watch Dragon Ball Super: Broly, we’ve got a little treat for you – a wallpaper showing Broly going Super Sayan, to get you and your device of choice warmed up for premiere day.

With Dragon Ball Z writer Takao Koyama himself having declared Broly as the strongest fighter in the franchise, now is as good a time as any to hop aboard the green-haired Sayan’s bandwagon.

Our wallpaper comes in 1080p and 4K sizes and can be downloaded from the links below. Download away, and feel free to tweet to us a picture of your setup or screenshot of your device toting our wallpaper!

Download Dragon Ball Super Broly Wallpaper [1080p]

Download Dragon Ball Super Broly Wallpaper [4K]

Dragon Ball Super: Broly is penned in for a premiere on the 14th of December, 2018.

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