Dota 2: Monkey King Has Several Fun Responses For Other Heroes

The King has arrived and it seems he needs no introduction.

If you tend to stay abreast of Valve’s Dota 2, you’re likely to be aware of the massive, and quite controversial, 7.00 update to the MOBA. To a vast majority of the game’s avid player-base, the latest patch is perhaps the biggest one yet. The Reborn update was significant in its own right, what with its UI changes and custom, community-generated maps, but patch 7.00 introduces major changes to core gameplay mechanics. With a completely new gameplay element called the Talent Tree, several item and ability changes, and a drastically different map, it is more a sequel than a measly update.

On top of all that, it comes packed with an all-new hero – the first original Dota 2 character. Well, not exactly.

Monkey King, or Sun Wukong, was leaked as part of a beta release of the original Dota – 6.80 beta, to be specific – but the hero failed to make the final cut. With the sequel’s new patch, the character has finally been given the official debut he was denied years ago, and with a unique set of abilities likely slated for nerf city, if popular player feedback is given weight. The King’s tree-hopping ways are a hoot and a half, unless you’re on the receiving end.

His delightful cadence, on the other hand, is a treat for all. The developers seem to be especially proud of Monkey King, as they have given the character more dialogue than any other in the game, especially when it comes to interacting with other heroes. If you’ve been playing the game for a while, you might have noticed that certain heroes have unique dialogue when near another character. Tidehunter and Kunkka, for example, have a clear enmity towards each other, expressed in several of their responses. Monkey King has three to five lines for nearly every other character in the game and a couple extra salty ones for Broodmother, who seems to have been in a relationship with him at some point. His responses also suggest he has a thing for Lina and isn’t particularly fond of gods and the spirit brothers.

Seeing as the literal tree-hugger has quite a lot to say, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite Monkey King lines for other heroes. Some of them are quite funny.

As Enemies

Abaddon: “I’m supposed to be scared of some mist? Please. I ride clouds for fun.”

Anti-Mage: “For someone who says he’s anti-magic you sure like teleporting around the battlefield.”

Crystal Maiden: “Let’s be real, Maiden – your sister has all the talent.”

Crystal Maiden: “You gonna fight back or just make stupid ice puns all day?”

Dazzle: “What are you gonna do? Heal me to death? Hah!”

Doom: “Looks like you met your ‘doom!’ Ok, I gotta workshop that. That was no good.”

Lina: “Your sister was right about you, you are overrated.”

Phantom Lancer: “Honestly, I don’t see the resemblance.”

Phantom Lancer:” That’s my trick, ghost man. And I do it better.”

Techies: “No one likes you, Techies. Just go away.”

Tidehunter: “I made a bet with Kunkka that I’d bag you first.”

As Allies

Ancient Apparition: “Listen, ghost. If you’re ever gonna ask the Crystal Maiden out on that date, you better start working on those ice puns.”

Arc Warden: “Alright… it’s just a suggestion – take it or leave it at your leisure – but maybe you should start talking in the first person?”

Chaos Knight: “Me, you, and Phantom Lancer should start up an illusory exclusive club.”

Chen: “Ethically speaking, how are you okay with marching helpless creatures off to their demise?”

Clinkz: “You mind if I call you Bones? Because whenever I hear Clinkz I start looking for a clockwork creature and I get really confused.”

Crystal Maiden: “Hey Rylai, you think you could introduce me to Lina?”

Death Prophet: “Prophet, I get that it’s your thing, but try not to die, okay?”

Disruptor: “Hey Disruptor, you’re with me that Zeus is a jerk, right?”

Doom: “Doom, huh? Your mom musta loved you.”

Drow: “I don’t want to stick my nose in Ranger business, but that redhead wasn’t saying the most kind things about you.”

Huskar: “You and Dazzle should really just have a drink and hug it out.”

Jakiro: “Jakiro, Dragon Knight won’t play ball, but you’ll let me ride you, right?”

Juggernaut: “Juggernaut, is it true you and Templar Assassin used to be a thing?”

Legion Commander: “You realize you basically named your legion ‘third place,’ right?” (Legion Commander leads the ‘Bronze’ Legion)

Lina: “Hey, Lina. After we win, can I buy you a drink?”

Medusa: “I saw you and Zeus at the Sundered Moon the other night. He’s married, you know.”

Phantom Lancer: “It’s quite the honor to be mistaken for me.”

Queen of Pain: “You and Ostarion [Wraith King] would make a helluva power couple.”

Spectre: “If you need help, Spectre, just shout unintelligibly.”

Storm: “I’ve seen Xin and Kaolin. Where’s your other brother?” (It seems there’s a fourth spirit brother)

Underlord: “What’s the worst place you’ve accidentally rifted to?”

Zeus: “It’s no secret I don’t like you, Zeus. Well, it isn’t a secret now. That didn’t go as planned.”

Zeus: “The difference, Zeus, is that I make this look good.” (While riding the Nimbus cloud)

To Broodmother

As Enemies:

  • “Arachnia! We end this today!”
  • “It’s over between us Arachnia!”

As Allies:

  • “Let’s just get through this, Arachnia.”
  • “Would it kill you to walk around like how we first met?”

Denying Around Broodmother: “I’ll pretend I didn’t enjoy this.”

Achieving a Godlike Streak: “Hey, Broodmother. Are you watching? Are you watching?!”

To view all of the Monkey King’s responses or to listen to the audio, head on over to

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