The Best Wallpapers For iPhone X, XS

The iPhone X is the first in Apple’s iconic smartphone line to boast an OLED screen, one that covers the entirety of the device’s front sans a small notch at the top that houses the new TrueDepth module. The OLED panel alone gives the tenth-anniversary iPhone a significant edge over its predecessors, but if more accurate color reproduction doesn’t get you excited, the all-screen design most definitely will.

If there was ever a display in the product line’s history that deserved its own wallpaper compilation, it’s this one, with partial credit going to the aforementioned notch that, while some have embraced as a necessary design choice, others simply love to hate.

Naturally, we decided to scour the web for static wallpapers designed specifically for Apple’s new flagship phone and its vibrant, edge-to-edge OLED screen. Following are what we thought were the best of the lot. Update: All these wallpapers should go equally well with the new iPhone XS!

Note: We will be adding more wallpapers to this compilation as we come across them. Are you a designer? Send us your work and we may add it here!

iPhone X Internals Wallpapers

In its quest to find out how easy it would be to repair an iPhone X, iFixit tore down the phone, and took shots of its innards. As one would expect from the likes of Apple, the phone’s internals make for excellent viewing. Set as a wallpaper, the photos make the device seem transparent, with the Perspective option adding to that effect.

Download iFixit’s iPhone X Internals Wallpapers

Notch-Hiding / Notchless Wallpapers

Not everyone likes the notch at the top of the iPhone X and XS display, with many suggesting that Apple should’ve gone the Galaxy S8 route, doing away with the top portion of the display altogether.

There is a way for users to clone that look on their iPhone X or XS, though only on the Home and Lock screen, and that is to use a notch-hiding, or “notchless,” wallpaper. While you could easily create your own no-notch wallpapers using a basic image editing software, we decided to save you the trouble, at least for the iPhone X stock wallpapers.

Download iPhone X Notchless Stock Wallpapers

Vibrant Pack

The more accurate color reproduction inherent to OLED technology makes colors pop more, which means any colorful wallpapers you were using on your old iPhone are most definitely going to look better on the iPhone X and XS. There are countless colorful, vibrant wallpapers strewn all across the web in plain sight, though just to get you started, here are a few designed specifically with the iPhone X and XS in mind.

Design+Code iPhone X Wallpapers

Download Design+Code iPhone X, XS Wallpapers

OLED-Friendly Pack

This collection of wallpapers was compiled keeping in mind the darker blacks that OLED technology makes possible by completely turning black pixels off. Not only do these promise to look good on that edge-to-edge screen, blending right in with the thin bezels and notch, but will also offer a more power-efficient background.

Volcanic Storm

Download Volcanic Storm Wallpaper


Download Earth Wallpaper


Download Eclipse Wallpaper


Download Launch Wallpaper


Download Lightning Wallpaper

DCEU Batman

Download DCEU Batman Wallpapers

One Punch Man

Download One Punch Man Wallpaper

Know of any other awesome wallpapers that you think should be in this list? Which wallpaper are you using? Let us know in the comments below!

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